Products Used

Ketra’s depth and breadth of product is vast. From discreet and familiar lamp form factors to new construction rough in housings, Ketra’s offering is able to handle most lighting types in a curated residential or commercial space. Here are the specific Ketra products used in the Ketra Airstream, with a link to the specification asset. For a complete list of Ketra products, visit

A 20 Lamp

  • Used in surface fixtures
  • A versatile LED lamp with full spectrum tuning and wireless control
  • 800 lumens
  • Semi directional, high efficacy
  • 1,400 kelvin – 10,000 kelvin
  • White or black housing


S 30 Lamp

  • Used in monopoint displays
  • A full spectrum LED replacement for a 75w halogen PAR30
  • 800 or 1,050 lumens
  • 15/25/40/60 degree beam angles
  • 1,400 kelvin – 10,000 kelvin
  • White or black housing


LSO Lightbar Slim

  • Used in kitchen undercounter, kitchen toe kick and over sofa
  • A full spectrum accent luminaire for low profile applications, diminutive spaces
  • 200/250/350 lumens
  • 1,400 kelvin – 10,000 kelvin
  • High output, long run, or uniform lens


X96 Controller

  • Used to power LSO luminaires
  • Mounts to a standard 4x4 junction box, or surface mounted


Pico Remote

  • Battery powered keypad that can be mounted in a decorator opening, or on a pedestal
  • Able to recall zones or scenes for any single fixture, or groups of fixtures.
  • Available in various colors of gloss or matte


Dual Radio Processor

  • The ‘brains’ behind the system
  • Eliminates the need for a hard wired processor located in an enclosure
  • Works with systems where wireless connectivity is deployed.
  • For wired projects (wired keypads, wired dimming modules), a different processor is used.

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