Why Ketra

People can adapt to just about anything. Resilient and resourceful, people will make do in some pretty unfavorable circumstances. But when given the choice, most would prefer to have things a little easier; we would rather breathe fresh air, sleep in a comfortable bed, and eat delicious food. These little things are what make big differences in our day to day happiness, and for the most part, modern times have afforded us the means to control the world in which we live.

The one exception is light. Much like we’re taking in air, we’re always taking in light, whether its good, bad, real or artificial. It all gets absorbed and processed and reveals not just the shapes of objects and colors around us, but it also give consistent information to us, influencing many of our physical processes and regulating the cycles that pattern our days and impact our moods. Light enables sight, which is our most palpable connection to the world, but it also gives rhythm to our lives.

That being said, why are we so indiscriminate when it comes to the light in which we live? When we taste or smell something unsavory, we avoid it. When the touch of something sends a shiver, we recoil. When we hear something shrill, we cover our ears. Why then, with light, is it different? Is the best upgrade something that reduces direct glare? Is the best upgrade the ability to dim rather than have the light at full brightness? Why not demand more and demand better? Without demanding better, lighting continues to repeat its own mistakes with poor color, brightness, steppy dimming, flickering or grayed out tone when dimmed.

Enter Ketra. A revolution in the way lighting is manufactured, implemented and used. Ketra says NO to the status quo of what the lighting industry produces and sells us; Ketra says NO to the current state of lighting in your home, your office, your favorite art gallery or favorite restaurant. Ketra is an innovation that follows an age old axiom that lighting should be dynamic and a fluid presence in our lives like sunshine, firelight or moonglow. Lighting should shift in accordance with your time and your mood or the task. You should be able to control it how and when you want but most importantly, enjoy it.

Ketra is the only lighting system that delivers the precision, beauty and technical mastery of the future.


Specification Incandescent Static White WarmDim TW RGBW Ketra
Warm Shift When Dimmed YES NO YES NO NO YES
.1% Low End Control YES NO NO NO NO YES
Follows Blackbody Curve YES NO NO NO NO YES
Kelvin Match to Outdoors NO NO NO NO NO YES