The Build

The Ketra Airstream trailer is a nineteen foot, 1962 Airstream Globetrotter and one of thirteen models offered for sale that year. All Airstream trailers were, and still are, a monocoque design which ensures durability, ruggedness and a trailer coach that by its construction, can last a long time.

The Airstream was in somewhat original condition but in need of an interior renovation. The cabinets, furniture and fixtures had been on the road for many years and were loose and in need of repair. This was a perfect palette for a Ketra mobile showroom; the ability to remove the interior fitments knowing the monocoque structure was in perfect shape to support the new build.

An interior designer was hired to design a space for maximum impact with a Ketra system. The final design consists of rich walnut for the cabinets and furniture with polished metal banding, stainless steel appliances and sinks, and a beautiful selection of fabrics for the seating areas and curtains for maximum impact when illuminated with Ketra.

A master woodworker was hired for the build. He learned his craft by building custom teak interiors for sailboats and yachts. Later, he ventured into building custom interiors for vintage travel trailers and it is his expertise in both these disciplines that ensured a beautiful, quality build.

Seeing is believing with Ketra. We feel that short of visiting a Ketra Showroom in limited cities, it is impossible to understand the power of Ketra without seeing it deployed in real time. The Ketra Airstream is our commitment to specification influencers to be able to see the power of Ketra in a real environment, and that Ketra is simply the best light for any high end luxury space.

Transformation of the Ketra Airstream

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